Welcome to my little part of the web. In this little corner of the internet, I try to share with you my deep love for the music that influenced our lives. There are 7 streams for you to choose from, each with their individual theme. Simply go to the menu on the top and make a choice. You will be directed to the dedicated page of your choice. In most cases, the music will start directly, if not, simply press the players on the page.

A unique feature is the possibility to make a request. Feel free to do so. I am constantly adding new songs to every channel, but as this is a hobby project and a “one man band”, it might take a while to get new stuff in. My personal goal is simply to share with you my love of the musical arts. This project does not contain commercials, nor is in monetized in any way. I hope to introduce you, as a listener to new discoveries in music, like a friend who can not wait to play his new record to you. That’s also why there is no dedicated app in the stores for your mobile device. However, I am adding our streams to radio directories of which some have a very decent app. You can find them in our version of the app store in the menu under home

CYR Oldies

Here we celebrate the start of popular music. You will find music from the 40s to the 70s. The age where popular music saw it’s birth and march into puberty. This is the age of Elvis Presley. The Beatles and John Travolta. The years of Little Richard, The Supremes, and Barry White. All can be found on this channel; Rock ’n Roll, Barbershop, Disco, Merseybeat, Early Rock, Rythm&Blues, Soul, Funk and more, lots more.

CYR 80’s & 90’s

Do you remember these 2 decades? It was the years I grew up to become an adult. It has been stated that the music from your adolescent years are the songs you will remember most. It is this period for me. It where the years I followed every hitlist I could lay my hands on and it has found its way here. From the romantics in the early eighties to the Eurohouse and dance from the nineties. Every song a part of the hit successes of these two decades.

CYR Hits

This is for the Young Ones, The boys and girls that are just discovering the joys music can bring you. All the hits from this century and more. Here you can dance to Avicci, Stand in awe of Shawn Mendez, and think in of the Spice Girls and the Pussycat Dolls. The greatest successes of music in this century and then some things you might just like

CYR Classic Rock & Blues

Classic Rock and Blues. It says it all. Or does it. Of course loads of classic rock and blues, but also singer-songwriters, Americana, Prog Rock, AOR and loads and loads more. Maybe the most diverse channel of all seven. Certainly a place for the listener with a taste of adventure

CYR Metal & Punk

This one you want to choose if you want to make your head hurt, and your neck sore. Every aspect of metal will be played on this channel. Heavy, Death, Doom, Power, Symphonic, Black, Thrash, Folk, Gothic, Groove, New, Hair, Progressive, Viking, Speed and New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. In this already diverse mix I’ll throw in the best and most energetic Punk I can find.

CYR Dutch

This channel plays a variety of Dutch and Flemish songs and comedy. Some might be modern, some might be 100 years old. This channel also includes a high amount dutch “cabaret”, which is a typically Dutch tradition with its roots in de comedy clubs from Paris and Berlin at the start of the last century and has grown into a typical form of comedy from the lowlands. Stand Up comedy and song are the main component of this genre, and you will find both on this channel. I hope to reach Dutch communities in Canada with this channel.

CYR Christmas

This channel is a personal fascination. I love Christmas music. Why? There is no other genre of music dedicated to one timeframe in the year. And none so elaborate. Every genre has it’s one December complement of songs, and it’s growing every year. From the classics from Bing Crosby to the modern songs of Coldplay. Almost every artist has it own Christmas songbook. This channel collects them all.